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About the server - FlaT - 05-20-2018

Dear MCR Gamers,

The intention of this post is to tell you a little bit more about our Call of Duty United Offensive gameserver. 

As you may know we run an awesome Zombie mod on there. Its idea is pretty simple; you and your fellow players start as Hunters untill someone gets picked out to become zombie patient zero. From that point the slaughter begins... Try to survive for as long as possible untill you live long enough to see all of your friends guts being ripped out. Once everyone is dead meat the player with the highest score will get a bonus round with only him and a ''special'' weapon. You should really check it out.

The original idea and version for the zombie mod was not made by us. The first version of the mod was made by a player called "Kill3r". Alot of love to him for his hard work and making this possible. Heart

At the very moment we are working on a new version called ZombieS V4. Leave your idea's in the "Ideas and Suggestions" section so we can think about them and even implement them.

Cya around and remember to have fun.

- FlaT

RE: About the server - Donovan - 05-31-2018

his work looks great, kill3r his zombie mod I have it in my server you gave me nostalgia .. I'll play it tonight !!