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Welcome to MCR - FlaT - 05-19-2018

Greetings fellow forum users,

Welcome the the MCR (Modern Community Reborn)

We are a freshly started gaming community that focuses on occupying servers on the most popular games. Well not even only the most popular games, since we just started our first server on a golden classic called Call of Duty United Offensive. It is a fully functional modded Zombie server with new players joining every day. It is very fun to play with friends if you like slaying zombies untill you become one yourself and stab them in the back! We are looking for server staff so check out the other topics for more information about the server and how to apply.

In the future we are hoping on running multiple game servers on other games such as: Garrys Mod, Modern Warfare 2, CSGO, Ark Survival and even Minecraft. We will keep you updated on this forum when the time is right.

In the mean time you should check out the server and make new friends on the forum. If you have any questions visit the "FAQ" page, contact me here or send an e-mail to

Have fun and hope to see you around,

- FlaT